North Caspian Operating Company N.V.

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The North Caspian Project is the first major offshore oil and gas development in Kazakhstan. It covers four fields: Kashagan, Kairan, Aktoty, and Kashagan South West.

The giant Kashagan field ranks as one of the largest oil discoveries of the past four decades, with approximately 9-13 billion barrels (1-2 billion tonnes) of recoverable oil. The Kashagan reservoir lies 80km offshore from the city of Atyrau in 3-4 meters of water, and is more than 4km deep (4,200 meters).

In 2016, the first offshore oil in the history of Kazakhstan was commercially produced from Kashagan. The Operator of the project, North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (NCOC), completed a major pipeline replacement project ahead of schedule and on September 28 re-opened the first wells offshore.

The President of Kazakhstan, NursultanNazarbayev, honoured the project workers and veterans with a personal visit to Atyrau on December 7, 2016.

The first million tonnes was exported in the first days of 2017, and NCOC safely reached actual production levels of over 200,000 barrels per day in mid-2017.Given its scale and technical complexity, the North Caspian project will be developed in phases. The estimated cost of Kashagan Phase 1, which began commercial production in 2016, is about US$55 billion.


Information on Partnership between NCOC N.V. and West Dala LLP

To prevent a negative impacts on the unique flora and fauna of the Caspian Region, all NCOC waste and wastewater which are generated in onshore and offshore facilities are transferred to the specialized enterprises for the further disposal and recycling. The company monitors the entire life cycle of waste and is solely responsible for its waste, from the moment of its generation till the complete disposal (from cradle to grave principle).

West Dala has been working with NCOC since 2007. The waste and wastewater management system includes a set of measures for the collection, transportation, storage, recycling, neutralization, utilization, disposal a various types of industrial and consumer waste, as well as the pumping and transportation of flammable and chemically aggressive liquids.

As part of the partnership between NCOC and West Dala, different tasks related to the integrated waste management of West Yeskene and offshore complex at the Kashagan field are being addressed, such as: the fulfillment of the contract scope of work, planned and unplanned increase in the volume of the contract scope of work, and, when it is necessary, the services are provided for the short-term NCOC projects in hazardous waste management that have a special degree of complexity. West Dala also provides similar services to NCOC Business Partners, ensuring a high standard of quality in waste management services and full compliance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and NCOC on these projects.

Due to the successful long-term and competitively awarded contracts, West Dala introduces new available methods of recycling different types of waste at its facilities, acquires a specialized equipment and vehicles, and, if necessary, constructs waste management facilities, for example, Koshanay WasteTreatment Facility near the NCOC N.V. Bautino Base in the Tupkaragan district of Mangistau region.

Responsible approach and high standards of NCOC to the waste management services contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of our services, performance in safety and environmental protection, as well as the improvement of the qualifications of our specialists.