About us


West Dala LLP is the first service company in Kazakhstan that has implemented an integrated management system for industrial and consumer waste.

Company was established in 2005 year.

Integrated and separate waste management services are provided to oil and gas companies, commercial and service companies, medical establishments and various enterprises.

Company offers to its customers not only the standard approaches to waste management, but also the development of solutions based on the specific circumstances and wishes of the customer in full compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the field of quality, environment, occupational health and safety.

West Dala LLP was awarded with the National Certificates and the Medals “Leader of Industry″ in 2013, 2015, 2017 for the excellent performance in Waste Management Sector and in 2019 received the award "Quality Star".

2014 - Company entered into Kazakhstan Association of Waste Management “KazWaste”.

2018 - Company received a certificate of compliance with the qualification requirements for specialized companies for the management of industrial and consumer wastes.

2020 - Company entered into the Association of oil service companies of Kazakhstan “KazService”.

2022 - Сompany received an independent public Waste Management Award "Leader in the industrial waste management".

2023 - Company joined the leading voluntary initiative in sustainable development – the UN Global Compact.

2024 - Company received the first ESG rating from the international agency S&P among Kazakh companies in the waste management sector - https://www.spglobal.com/esg/scores/results?cid=114785869.


West Dala LLP is ready for a dialogue with all stakeholders in the questions of waste management with best international practice.

1102 Employees
1,628,041 Tons of waste were accepted
1,232,915 Tons of waste were recycled
1,830,000 Man-hours w/o LTI

Our Team

We strive to be a reliable partners for our customers, to contribute to the preservation and improvement of environment by implementing the most environmentally sound technologies in close collaboration with our customers, business partners , government and society.