All we know, that today the one of the most important tasks of further development of our country is the implementation the Concept of transition to a “green economy”, which was launched by the President, N.A. Nazarbayev. One of the key issues of this Concept is to improve waste management complex.

Our company is the first service company in Kazakhstan, which introduced the practice was embedded the practice of separate collection of industrial and domestic waste directly at the Client’s sites.

Every year, the company’s facilities receive various types of waste, which after segregation are transferred to contractors for reuse as recyclable materials. The percentage of transferred waste is calculated from the total amount of waste received by the enterprise:

  • 2021 – the share of transferred waste was 12%
  • 2022 – the share of transferred waste was 18%

In a short period of using the recycling, our experience has shown that recycling – it is a necessary industry in waste management and HSE (Health Safety and Environment), which is need to develop strongly.

According to the index of other countries, that have achieved great results in the recycling, we can see a great future development in this sector in the Kazakhstan, but for its success, it is necessary to strengthen the information field on the waste management at the national level and every citizen should try to change their internal culture to the waste in general.