Waste transportation

Our company professionally provides waste transportation from their forming places or storage facilities to their disposal.

We provide specialized vehicles for waste transportation to our Clients, which are having appropriate qualification requirements for all waste types transportation. In this case, for each type of transport is imposed separate requirements, which are depends directly on the hazard class of the transported waste.

Company has special vehicles for loading and unloading operations of different types of waste; multi-purpose vehicles for cleaning operations.

Also we have new fully equipped all weather workshop and washing facility for vehicles.

Our main task of waste transportation is to compliance with HSE and accounting explosive properties of the waste in order to avoid situations that are harmful to the environment. All specialized vehicles are equipped with mobile phones, firefighting and first aid.

Specialists, which are providing waste transportation and loading of waste are trained and have qualified requirements of health and safety and environmental protection.

Used Company’s documentation complies with all regulatory requirements of the Kazakhstan legislation.

We regularly analyze work process on base of the record the time and resources, which was spent to perform waste transportation from each object. Quality control of waste transportation helps us to see the satisfaction of our Clients.