Our company, which adheres to the “green economy”, is trying to allocate funds for landscaping schools and kindergartens located near our own production bases in Atyrau and Mangistau regions. This year, the company decided to hold a social project “Greening” directly in Atyrau, thereby trying to make a contribution to the improvement of playgrounds.

The project of greening and landscaping of the site around the children’s playground was realized at the address: Atyrau city, Satpayev Avenue 19. The territory is planted with ash plants and 3 years old American maple, height of 130-150 cm.

Planting material from the local nursery is zoned and certified, with a closed root system (with a lump). Trees are planted along the perimeter of the children’s complex. One, two-row and three-row way in the amount of 112 pieces. Pits were dug by machinery and by hand because of the hardness and littered area of construction waste. The cavity is filled with a fertile layer (chernozem) with the addition of organic and chemical complex fertilizer.

After planting, the adjacent territory is furnished from the outside with a curb of composite material of recyclable materials (sand-plastic), as a physical barrier and as an element of accomplishment and filled with black soil. The entrance group to the children’s playground is covered with cobblestones made of natural stone. Also, the gap between the main road and the plantations is arranged with a wooden fence. Between the trees a plant Jerusalem artichoke was planted, which will blossom already at the end of July and beginning of August and will bloom to the end until November.

The total area of the landscaped area is 801.5 m2. In the case of not accepting trees in a new location, they will be replaced with new ones.