In 2010 West Dala successfully performed tests and introduced a method of biological treatment of oily soils using oil oxidizing bio-preparation “Bakoil-KZ” created by a scientific team of the RoK Centre of Biological Research based on association of hydrocarbon oxidizing microorganisms. This biological method is a new home-produced technology that does not pollute the atmosphere, reduces the content of oil and oil products in the soil from 10 to 70 times per season and allows reclaiming of contaminated soil to the original condition fit for economic use.

This bio-preparation allows speeding up the process of biodegradation of oil products and increasing the fertility of treated soils.

West Dala has developed an organization standard for treatment of the final product – soil for planting and landscaping that can be used for landscaping of the city territory and industrial areas, filling of roads, quarries and as an insulating layer at landfills.

In 2014, a new bio-preparation “ГРАН/GRAN тм” was successfully tested for treatment of oily contaminated soils and oil sludges.

Special biological field intended for recycling of oily waste by bio-remediation, which is located in landfill for waste recycling and disposal.