Management of polluted sites

One of the most pressing environmental problems are incidence in the oil production and oil refinery, wear of oil pipelines, transportation of oil and petroleum products, using of petroleum products in the operation of various vehicles and machinery enterprises.

Hugely substantial methods of solving these environmental problems are the management of polluted sites.

Our company offers to its Clients an effective plan of management of polluted sites by the following actions:

  • to determine the nature and the parameters of the pollution;
  • to develop a set of management of polluted sites methods;
  • to clean the surface;
  • to neutralize the waste, both at the scene, and on specialized sites;
  • to restore the polluted fields.

Today, the company provides services for the management of polluted sites at oil and gas fields, using different methods and processing technologies (thermal and biological).

And also can provide services of responding in the event of accidental spills with using a variety of methods and recycling technologies, depending on the composition of pollutants.