COVID - 19

In light of wide spread of COVID-19 all over the world, including the Republic of Kazakhstan, West Dala LLP takes precautions against employees’ infection.


Atyrau region, where a lot of production, administrative and household facilities of West Dala LLP are concentrated, has a long time keep being  in red zone in light of sanitary and epidemiological situation due to COVID-19.

West Dala LLP takes actions on prevention of coronaviral infection contraction and spreading among the company’s employees, as well as those of contracting and subcontracting organizations in strict compliance with the requirements of authorized bodies in the field of sanitary and epidemiological wealth of people:

  1. entering, pre-shift and pre-driving control, thermometry before entering all the facilities;
  2. compliance with mask requirements;
  3. compliance with social distancing between employees at least 1.5 meters and further;
  4. reducing number of employees visiting canteen together while taking a meal;
  5. compliance with disinfection regime including sanitary treatment of all the arriving vehicles with special disinfectants, regular hands sanitary treatment of the personnel with antiseptics;
  6. dispersal of employees along the groups as per the Podding system;
  7. monitoring of the employees’ health state, non-admission of employees having COVID-19 symptoms to work;
  8. partial bringing to remote work of personnel who is not directly related to provision of uninterrupted production.

Realizing the importance of the prevention actions, the top management of the company allocated funds for procurement and continuous restocking of personal protective equipment: single-use masks, single-use gloves and antiseptics and disinfectants, equipment.

As a result of the above prevention actions, overall efforts, well-coordinated work and high self-direction of the employees, professional work of emergency crisis center in a good time, wide spread of coronaviral infection has been prevented since the start of the pandemic, thereby uninterrupted production and exclusion of loss of work scope is ensured.


Disinfection of containers and special vehicles for waste collection is an integral part of the process on the stages of the work with wastes in West Dala Company, but at the moment of the quarantine this action has been intensified. Since April 6, 2020, the company performs disinfection in 4 stages:


Since March 30, 2020, in Atyrau, the state of quarantine has been enforced for the purpose of non-spread of COVID-19. Local municipal authorities attracted Atyrau specialized companies to disinfection of public places. Including transport support was rendered by West Dala LLP. Source:


Consortium Isker LLP and West Dala LLP included to Isker Group of Companies jointly procured and transferred the required medical devices for treatment of patients having COVID-19 to medical facilities of Atyrau and Atyrau region.


WEST DALA LLP strongly recommends all the employees to receive COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccination will downgrade the number of infection cases, save lives and help to get out of coronaviral crisis in less time

What side effects or complications does the vaccine have?

- Side effects can be preliminarily on the first-second day after the vaccination: flu-like syndrome of short duration with shivers, temperature rise, general feeling of being unwell and head-ache, as well as soreness in the injection site.

What is the composition of the vaccine?

-All the components included to the composition of the vaccine play significant role for its safety and effectiveness. The vaccines are composed of, in particular, the following components:

  • Antigen. This is dead or attenuated form of any microorganism – virus or bacterium – based on which our body learns to detect and destroy infecting agent, if it faces it in future.
  • Adjuvants assisting to enhance the body’s immune response. The vaccines would be less effective without them.
  • Preservatives allowing the vaccines to remain effective.
  • Stabilizers helping to save the vaccine during storage and transportation. 

Is the allergic reaction to coronaviral infection?

- If there is a severe allergic disease, medical contraindication is given during the examination before vaccination. To response in a good time a person should stay under medical supervision (within a medical facility) for the first 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine: specifically during this period allergic reaction to the vaccine can be presented.

Why does the vaccine consist of two stages?

-The coronaviral vaccine should be administered in two stages. The first dose give short protective effect due to response of small number of antibodies.

The second dose enhances and reinforces the effect of the first dose, the number of antibodies in a human body increases.

Can COVID-19 be infected between the doses?

- After the first vaccine and before the second stage of the vaccination, contacts with people must be minimized and all the preventive actions must be complied with. The immunity is produced stepwise, for this reason a person is not protected and is vulnerable between these stages. He can be infected with coronavirus.