West Dala promotes the development of a Green Economy in Kazakhstan.

We are always open for partnership with those who are care about reducing the environmental impact. This principle is central to our business strategy and its economic model.

Based on international and local experience in waste management, we introduce environmentally friendly and affordable technologies. In the Western region of Kazakhstan, some of the acute environmental problems are accidents in the process of oil production and refining, deterioration of oil pipelines, transportation of oil and oil products, the use of oil products in the operation of various machines and mechanisms of enterprises. A very significant measure to address these environmental problems is the elimination of foci of pollution. Our company offers its customers an effective work plan to eliminate foci of pollution by the following actions:

  • determine the nature and parameters of pollution;
  • develop a set of measures to eliminate the source of pollution;
  • clean the surface;
  • neutralize waste, both at the accident site and at specialized sites;
  • restore contaminated land.

If you have any questions and suggestions regarding environmental issues and environmental protection, send them to