Human Resources

West Dala is a close-knit team of professionals focused on results. Currently, the company employs more than 1,000 people.

We value our employees by providing everyone with equal conditions in employment. The company seeks to attract the most talented specialists and motivates them to grow and develop professionally.

We help to save and to maintain a high level of employee’s expertise and to develop their competencies:

  • the company implemented and realizing the Programs for the training, development and professional skills of employees.
  • every year we contribute to raising the level of knowledge and skills in such areas as environmental and quality management, safety and environmental protection, project management and others.
  • we develop our staff, providing the opportunity to take different business trainings, seminars, language courses, receive a second education and an MBA diploma.

We pay a competitive salaries wich are comparable to the level in the labor market, observing labor laws, principles of corporate and professional ethics. Our collective labor agreement includes a social package, which consists of:

  • competitive wage system;
  • additional payments for harmful working conditions;
  • social guarantees and benefits for employees;
  • an effective system of labor protection for workers;
  • health insurance.

The development of a culture of health and sports, as well as the popularization of the idea of a healthy lifestyle, is an integral part of the overall corporate culture: our team leads an active public life, participating in festive collective events and teambuildings.

If you want to become a part of the company, send your resume to

If you are already a part of the company's team, please contact the IR Specialist for the EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS questions:

  • Labor legislation (employment contract, labor schedule, labor discipline, working hours, rest time, wages, labor disputes, etc.)
  • Working and living conditions.
  • Prevention of labor conflicts.
  • Other issues to ensure the continuity of production.

Asyl Temirtasova, Leading Industrial Relations Specialist -