For the first time, the ISKER group of companies management  decided to hold a football cup among their companies. The two-day cup was attended by 7 teams, 2 of which consisted of West Dala company employees  – West Dala City and West Dala FGP.

These were two days of a real sports holiday, which, according to the passions, is not inferior to the big cups. There were no boring games from all 16 games of the cup. The highlight of the cup was the game for the third place, as well as the final game, full of emotions and sports drama.

According to the results of the cup, the places were distributed as follows:

First place – “ISKER-Orken” team
Second place – “AFC ISKER” team
Third place – “West Dala FGP” team

The ISKER group of companies management is confident that they have managed to achieve the main goal – to provide a sports holiday, leisure and a lot of pleasure, both for the players and for their fans. Taking into account the excitement and pleasure with which this cup passed, the organizers will continue the begun tradition  and in the future will certainly hold more than one such cup, with the participation of a large number of teams.

In turn, the West Dala management expresses their gratitude to all players of both teams for their successful participation, to all fans for the active support of their colleagues and to the winners of the West Dala FGP team for the opportunity to be among of the best!