Over the past year, the number of West Dala employees has almost doubled. For effective work within the team, the company management decided to organize a corporate team building as an opportunity to go outdoors, meet new employees outside the work environment, enjoy nature, and, of course, have a fun and friendly team time.

Many colleagues supported the organization itself and took an active part in team building. Children of employees just as fun and amicably spent time with each other and with their parents. This is a good indicator for children, how you can actively spend time outside the house, distracting from all sorts of gadgets, everyday life and city bustle.

The venue of the event was chosen Ak Akayn recreation center, located outside the city, which was an important component of team building – because it is nature, fresh air and silence; the most beautiful and most delicious dostarkhan was covered; and the host was invited with a very peculiar program. Without exception, everyone took part in various contests and tasks, as they were very interesting and fun. The team was divided into three teams: “Fixies”, “Cats” and “Sun”. The name of the teams, the logo and their motto were invented by colleagues on the spot by all its members.

The main competitions held among the teams:

  • a dance flash mob, where all members of the team had to dance to the music that the presenter included, while one of the team members showed all the movements, and everyone repeated after him.
  • the team will quickly pass a balloon to the five team members and get to the finish line.
  • passing the maze with closed eyes with a hint of team members about the path of movement.
  • competition, where the team captain needed to make costumes for all team members from the means at hand and present them.

According to the results of the competitions, the teams were distributed as follows:

1st place – “Fixics” team

2nd place – team “Sun”

3rd place – team “Seals”


Each team, after conducting all contests, completing all tasks and summing up all the results, was awarded diplomas for active participation, and of course, the most distinguished team received the cup for first place. Some employees of the company in various nominations also distinguished themselves and were awarded.

Having acted as a fruitful and most effective type of relaxation, corporate team building showed team cohesion. Such events, reveal the personal qualities and talents of colleagues, and sometimes leadership abilities, teach to work in a team, responsibility, trust each other, and of course contribute to raising the corporate spirit.