NCOC N.V. company once again expressed her gratitude to West Dala employee, supervisor Samat Sarsengaliev for the discovered violation and the subsequent stoppage of all work, which were carried out at the bridge of the NCOC-Bautino marine support base with the hazardous waste containing pyrophoric compounds.

Richard Howe, NCOC N.V. Managing Director, during a personal conversation with Samat, expressed his gratitude and emphasized the importance of his close attention for the safety during the work.

The management team of Bautino Base in gratitude were held the Golden Safe-R award ceremony and handed a souvenir to Samat Sarsengaliev.

Samat repeatedly receives thanks from NCOC N.V. for the invaluable contribution to the organization of work to ensure safety and labor protection, for the prevention of violations and incidents, for the example of ethics in the workplace.

West Dala is proud of the efforts of Samat and expresses its sincere gratitude!